So you may be considering pressing that “send message” button to book a shoot (or perhaps you already have) and may have a lot of questions, I hope to answer a few of those here.

Where will we shoot? – I prefer to shoot in natural areas that also have lots of play gear for the children. Happy children make for much better photos than bored children in my experience. One of my favorite places to shoot is Cratloe Woods.

What if it rains the day of? – If it rains lightly you will have the choice on whether to post pone or just get out there and shoot. If you want to get out and shoot then you should bring an umbrella, particularly, a see through one as they allow more light through than a patterned one. If it is raining heavily then we will post pone the shoot.

Have you worked with children before? – Outside of photography, I have worked in a crèche for nine months, during that time I worked with children from a few months old right up to tweens. My second shooter helped his mom with his little sister and currently helps out with the children who she minds.

What if I’m not comfortable with posing? – When taking photos of families, I like to capture the moments rather than force them meaning that I primarily stick to a journalistic style, quietly working in the background. We will wait to do the group shots towards the end because you will be far more confident in front of the camera by that stage.

Can you give me tips on choosing outfits? – Of course I can! Obviously what you decide to wear depends massively on your own personal style and while it is important to show your individuality it is also a good idea to make sure that your outfits don’t clash! You definitely don’t need to all wear matching jeans and white tops but colour coordinating can make a huge difference to the results. Some examples of colours that go nicely together: 1) greens, browns and cream 2) light pink, light purple, light blue 3) orange (not traffic cone orange) and brown. Some clothing to avoid: 1) very bright colours like traffic cone orange and hi vis yellow 2) highly patterned clothes like stars, polka dots (unless colour coordinated with family members clothes), stripes and zig zags.

How long will we have to wait for the photos? – I usually try to have the photographs ready within a few days but it could be up to three weeks. I will upload my favorites to an album and ask you to choose which ones you want printed (if prints are included in your package) and depending on your preference, digital copies can either be sent directly to your email, given to you on a disk or be given on a USB at an extra cost (because I am currently charging introductory prices while I build a portfolio. When my prices increase, a USB will be included).

Can we get personalized photographic items like mugs? – Of course! I can order a range of products from distributor including; calendars, mugs, magnets, invitations and many more!

If you have any further questions then please don’t be afraid to get in touch. 🙂


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